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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, my father, Richard Morganflash who was born in Hastings, Nebraska on February 28, 1941, to Evelyn and Joseph Morganflash.  He had one older brother, Jim.  He also had two younger sisters: Evelyn, and Irene.He graduated from Hastings Senior High School, in Hastings, Nebraska, in 1958.  He worked hard his entire life in several types of construction, and auto mechanics.   His knowledge in those fields was more extensive than most could dream of.  He was a country music lover his entire life.  He played lead guitar for several years in a group with several of his closest friends.  He named the group "Country Cousins".  He was inducted into the Nebraska Country Music Hall of Fame in 1997 for his great efforts.  He married Sharon Krieger, November 14, 1966, whom is his widow today.  He also has two sons, and one daughter,  Joe, Todd, and Angie along with five grandaughters and a soon-to-be great -grandson.  He passed away on June 18, 2004 at the age of 63. We will spend our lives remebering him. 
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Tributes and Condolences
The holidays   / Emily Morganflash (Grand-daughter)
Hey Pops, its now December 28. Christmas, Thanksgiving and heathers birthday have all recently passed. Something special happened this christmas, My dad finally proposed to my mom and she said yes! He did it during christmas dinner at grandmas. I fel...  Continue >>
the familys angel   / Brooke Smith (grandpa)
I really have been missing you bunches lately pops. I wish you could be here everyday so I could see the reaction on your face when you saw how big all the grandkids have gotten. Emily is a sophmore Christins a junior can you believe she's graduating...  Continue >>
9 years   / Emily Morganflash (grand daughter )
Today has been 9 years since youve been gone. Youd think would get easier. But it doesnt if anything its harder. I know.i dont get on here enough to tell you how much i miss you pops but.its never going to get easy. We all miss you so much. Day and n...  Continue >>
Just stoppin by   / Emily Morganflash (Grand daughter )
Hey pops, I was just stopping by to say hey. my dad found your outfit from when you were in the band the other night and was trying to wear it.. he misses you. we all miss you well.. be sure to sit a spell for me youre always in my thoughts<3 love ...  Continue >>
Missing you.   / Brooke Smith (Grandaughter)
Ive been missing you a lot lately pops. Ilove you a lot and every time i think of you i remember that your always with me even when I'm missing you the most. And every time i think of yu i get a sick feeling in my stomach and almost cry if i don't cr...  Continue >>
Help us to have a merry Christmas, please dad.  / Angela Morganflash (daughter)    Read >>
I'll soon be engaged...  / Angela Morganflash (daughter)    Read >>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY  / Jim McCartney (Damn Good Friend )    Read >>
MISS YOU  / Emily Morganflash (Grandaughter)    Read >>
Miss you  / Emily Morganflash (Grandaughter)    Read >>
Future Angel  / Emily Morganflash (Grandaughter)    Read >>
Remembering Gandpa  / Emily Morganflash (Grandaughter)    Read >>
Goodbye grandpa  / Emily Morganflash (Grandaughter)    Read >>
Missin you  / Emily Morganflash (Grandaughter)    Read >>
Father's Day 2012  / Ang (daughter)    Read >>
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His legacy
I sit here trying to tell about a's almost impossible, unless you were part of his.  He didn't leave much more than countless memories that we'll all cherish forever.  Then when I think about it...what else is there?  With that thought:  He left me more than I could've ever asked for. 

-his loving daughter, Ang 
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Richard Morganflash 1958 Graduation
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